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What is the difference between Premium Guide and OneShot Guide?

The Premium Guide is designed to provide a list of all essential and important words related to a query. The Guide Premium allows you to know the right words to use, but leaves quite free as to the writing. You can write short texts as well as very long texts by following a Premium Guide.

The Oneshot Guide is designed to provide a canvas for writing about 300 words. You do not get the full list of important words for your article, but rather a sample that makes a 300 word text "ideal".

The Oneshot Guide is very framed, while the Premium Guide leaves more free the degree of optimization you want to freely apply.
The Premium Guide has the advantage of providing a nice overview of the vocabulary of your topic. That is, it can allow you to think of particular angles to use in your texts.

In my guide, some words are weird !?

YourTextGuru is based on statistical algorithms. That is to say we analyze a corpus of pages that talk about the subject that interest you in order to make a generative model. That is to say that the words encountered can sometimes be strange ... but those are indeed words that are right there. Other people who speak about the same subject use these words (in their texts or in elements attached to the texts). You should also use them to give good measure.
Do not try to understand why these words are there, just find a wording that works well for your text.
For example, for the query bed and breakfast mont saint michel I find the word foot ? You can very well use it in totally different phrases like:
Walking tours by foot
At the foot of Mont Saint Michel
Today I got up on the right foot

If you're having trouble knowing what to do with these more problematic words, we recommend that you generate your guides from more accurate queries (often longer), so you'll get more accurate guides, with less surprising terms. Do not forget, YourTextGuru offers guides to writing. It does not write for you ;)

I have the impression that it lacks words in the Oneshot Guide that I have just generated?

YourTexGuru relies on statistical algorithms to generate guides. Thanks to a generative model, we offer Oneshot Guides, made to write a text. That is to say that each Oneshot Guide is unique, but also that an Oneshot Guide is made to help in the drafting of a particular text. This text is basically made to be calibrated to about 300 words in length. With such a length, it is normal that it is not possible to fully address your topic. From then on, the Oneshot Guide plays its role: it helps to write a text respecting a "natural" vision of writing. If you want to make a longer, more comprehensive, more comprehensive text, use a Premium Guide. Do not forget, YourTextGuru offers writing guides. It does not write for you ;)