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Optimized Team Collaboration with yourtext.guru

Work as a Team, Maximize Productivity

On yourtext.guru, adopt a collaborative approach in your writing projects thanks to our team features. Depending on the chosen subscription, invite your colleagues to join your workspace, easily share generated guides, images, and more. Assign specific roles, from full member to specific project manager, for smooth organization.

Collaborate with External Writers Without Constraints

Invite external writers to work on specific guides without giving them full access. No paid subscription is required for them - a free yourtext.guru account is enough. In this way, they benefit from comprehensive analysis features for enriched texts, while preserving the integrity and confidentiality of your workspace.

Encourage Feedback and Optimize Your Content

Communication is the key to a successful project. Our comment box integrated into each guide encourages dialogue within your team. Discuss writing, share your briefs, request modifications, and more in a dedicated space. The request for text validation ensures that each content is perfectly refined and approved before publication.
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