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A Premium Guide is THE list of the most important words of your content targeting a specific query.

No need to make extensive literature search, we reversed engineered search engines algorithms in order to speed up your writing process.

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Write your content as if you were THE expert on your topic’s query.

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By using our Guides, you WILL write faster. What to do with all this free time? it’s up to you!

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Use a Premium Guide and you become instantly aware of the whole vocabulary of your topic, whatever highly specific it is. Use the words we give you and your content will be expert-level, and everybody will acknoledge that.

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“Content is king”, does it ring a bell to you? Using our guides will give you a more relevant content, and is thus likely to enhance your SERPs.

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Guides to guide you ;)

A new piece to write and no ideas? use a guide and don’t stress. Just follow the guidelines and everything will be OK.

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Our team

Sylvain Peyronnet

Chief Scientist at an european search engine, he signed the algorithms behind YTG

Guillaume Peyronnet

Frontend designer & devops

Benoît Chevillot

Head of infra

Frédérik Bobet

Backend developer


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