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1584 professionals in web referencing confirm: the relevance of your content is the most crucial positioning signal for Google
đź”— source: Sparktoro study.

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Create a guide and get essential keywords for effective SEO writing.

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and a unique differential corpus, we identify the terms that truly set your content apart in the SERP.

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Real-Time Semantic Optimization

Enhance your texts at every stage of writing. With SOSEO and DSEO scores, get precise semantic analysis for each term and for the whole text.

yourtext.guru identifies the intention behind your texts and suggests relevant links with Wikipedia entities, to enrich and strengthen the relevance of your content.

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Making your content unique and optimized is now easier than ever. Benefit from internal link suggestions to enhance navigation and SEO.

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Get a Step Ahead

When you create a guide, yourtext.guru analyzes the TOP 10 of the SERP and automatically assesses the optimization of competitor pages.

We then forge personalized recommendations for you on the SOSEO and DSEO scores to target.

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Monitor Your Visibility on Google

After SEO optimization, see every day how your site climbs in the Google rankings.

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Collaborate Effectively

yourtext.guru goes beyond individual writing and offers team subscriptions. Work together, optimize better, and aim higher.

Invite external writers, comment, create an editorial approval process, and ensure optimal quality writing at every stage.

Optimize Without Waiting!

Get Inspired and Write Without Blockages

Facing the blank page? Discover innovative angles and fresh approaches for your content. Whether you want to build a topical mesh or explore new themes, our suggestions based on search engine data will guide you.

This mine of inspiration is exclusive to our subscribers.

Unlock Your Creativity!

Maximize the Potential of Your Content

Building a strong topical mesh is like weaving a web where every thread strengthens the whole. Quickly identify content that complements each other to ensure optimal popularity transfer between your pages.

With yourtext.guru, assess the semantic proximity between your guides and make enlightened choices.

Strengthen Your Semantic Web

Enrich Your Content with Relevant Entities

Discover semantically linked entities via Wikipedia with yourtext.guru, in both French and English. The perfect tool to enhance your writings and grasp the connections between different entities.

Expand Your Semantic Horizon

Anticipate Your Audience's Questions

Thanks to our specialized search engine, yourtext.guru identifies the most frequently asked questions on search engines. A boon to align your content with the actual inquiries of your audience.

Meet Your Audience's Needs

Maximize Your Writing with A.I.

Thanks to SEO-TXL, write more and better. It can take over to generate content, answer questions, or inspire you.

SEO-TXL is your asset to efficiently and economically enrich your pages and increase the length of your articles.

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Original Image Bank Thanks to AI

SEO demands uniqueness. Why settle for images seen everywhere? Our image bank, enriched by artificial intelligence, offers you thousands of original images to make a difference and capture attention.

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Daily SERPs Weather

Have you noticed fluctuations in your site's ranking on Google? Is it a general trend or just you?

With our SERPs weather, discover the general stir of Google results every day. Identify whether it's the right time to act or simply wait.

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Optimize your content.

We provide you with the essential keywords to enhance the SEO quality of your texts. Analyze the performance of your content and discover how to position yourself against your competitors.

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Whether it's for finding ideas, creating a topical mesh, or enriching a text, yourtext.guru has the solution.

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From web writers to e-merchants, everyone finds the functionality that suits their needs.

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Our guides and analysis tools keep SEO at the heart while allowing writers to maintain their unique style. We guide, without imposing.

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Follow the metrics that make a difference.
Your website’s popularity, its overall positioning, its pages... all elements to be taken into account to turn it into an SEO powerhouse.

Token and Subscription Rates

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200 Token Pack


Excl. VAT, for one user

  • 40 guides
  • Semantic analyses
  • Topical Mesh
  • Token validity: 1 year
  • Text generation
  • Team mode

Lite Plan


Excl. VAT, monthly

  • 50 guides per month
  • 25,000 AI tokens per month
  • 50 position tracking per month
  • Semantic analyses
  • Project Mode for websites
  • Team mode (2 members)
  • Topical Mesh

Essential Plan


Excl. VAT, monthly

  • 375 guides per month
  • 187,500 AI tokens per month
  • 375 position trackings per month
  • Semantic analyses
  • Project Mode for websites
  • Team mode (5 members and 2 guests)
  • Topical Mesh
Lite Plan Lite Plan Plus Essential Plan Enterprise Plan Agency Plan
Price/month (Excl. VAT) 107.00 $ 140.00 $ 247.00 $ 431.00 $ 862.00 $
Guides/month (tokens) 50 (250) 100 (500) 375 (1,875) 800 (4,000) 2,000 (10,000)
AI Tokens/month 25,000 50,000 187,500 400,000 1,000,000
Max. Members 2 2 5 10 20
Max. Guests 0 0 2 4 8
Tracked Requests 50 100 375 800 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commitment period for a subscription?

The subscription is subscribed online for a duration of one month or one year with automatic renewal. Payment takes place at the beginning of the period. You can cancel the subscription at any time (up to the day before the renewal date), directly online via the customer area: this causes the stop of the renewal and you will have access to the tool until the end of the current period.

Is it more advantageous to subscribe than to use tokens?

Indeed, as soon as you plan to generate more than a certain number of guides per month, it is much more interesting to be subscribed. It's better for you financially and it's also better for us because we think that to get the best results you have to be able to use yourtext.guru without constraint. A customer who obtains better results is a happy... and loyal customer :)

How to automate repetitive tasks in yourtext.guru?

We offer API subscriptions which allow you, once a connector developed on your side, to use yourtext.guru programmatically with the only constraint being a rate limit.

How many people can use an account?

An account is linked to a single individual, a single email. If you work in a team, within the same company, or with external writers, we offer suitable subscriptions. Each person having their own account is much more practical and secure.

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept payments by credit card via our provider Stripe.
For annual subscriptions or token packs from 500 tokens, we also offer payment by bank transfer. For this, please contact support.

What languages are available for creating guides?

We support several languages and dialects such as :
  • French (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Luxembourg, Morocco)
  • English (USA, UK, Australia, Canada)
  • Spanish (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile)
  • German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Italian (Italy)
  • Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Polish (Poland)
  • Romanian (Romania)
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J'ai travaillé avec YourTextGuru à plusieurs reprises tout au long de mon parcours professionnel. Aujourd’hui c’est un outil central dans ma stratégie de création de contenus. C’est un outil idéal pour la création de briefs. Depuis que l’on utilise l’API couplé avec Tableau, la valeur ajoutée de l’outil a pris une autre dimension. Que ce soit pour monitorer la SERP et donc la concurrence, ou comprendre les intentions de recherche cachées derrières une expression afin de mieux optimiser les contenus de nos sites, ne cherchez plus, c’est avec YourtextGuru que vous trouverez votre réponse. Bref, YourTextGuru nous aide à garder une longueur d'avance sur nos concurrents !
J'ai pu avoir accès tôt à YourText Guru. Cela m'a permis de prendre en main l'outil, de le tester mais surtout de construire des guides plus complets de rédaction pour les rédacteurs avec lesquels je travaille. Et puis j'ai pu aussi mesurer l'efficacité du support de l'équipe qui a créé ce tool que tout SEO devrait tester. Je vais plus loin : n'importe quel webmarketer devrait avoir testé les possibilités offertes par YourText Guru.
Après avoir testé YourTextGuru pendant plusieurs semaines et dans différentes configurations, je le recommande vivement pour l'aide à la rédaction. Les clients à qui j'ai envoyé des guides ont écrit des textes efficaces et sans avoir eu besoin d'y passer des heures comme avant. Ils ont eu vraiment l'impression d'être guidé pour écrire chaque paragraphe et le confort de ne plus avoir besoin de compter les occurrences de leurs expressions clés a été un vrai plus pour le produit. Ils ont retrouvé le plaisir de parler de leur métier.
J’ai essayé tous les outils d’analyse sémantique et mon choix s’est porté sur Yourtextguru pour plusieurs raisons. La principale est le résultat obtenu sur les SERPS, des gains de positions notables en quelques semaines. La simplicité et la rapidité de l’outil pour générer des guides, le pdf obtenu est vraiment utile pour les rédacteurs et les clients. Les autres fonctionnalités ne sont pas en reste comme par exemple l’analyse de proximité sémantique ainsi que l’explorateur de questions. En résumé, un must have dans la pléthore d’outils SEO.
En tant que référenceur web, j’utilise YourText.Guru au quotidien pour l’optimisation des textes et des contenus des pages de mes clients et j’en suis très satisfait. Cette optimisation pointue permet de gagner des places dans les moteurs de recherches et d’obtenir davantage de visibilité sur une requête donnée. YourText.Guru est devenu un outil dont je ne saurai me passer. Très complet, il participe au succès de mes clients sur le web et au développement de mon entreprise. J’ajoute enfin que grâce à toute l’équipe, j’ai la chance de pouvoir enseigner l’utilisation de YourText.Guru en université et école de commerce.

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