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Semantic Optimization at the Service of Your SEO

How yourtext.guru Revolutionizes SEO Semantic Optimization

SEO is not just about integrating keywords into your content. That's where yourtext.guru comes in, transcending traditional semantic optimization, and providing a deep and meaningful analysis of the search engine results pages (SERPs) to generate truly effective SEO guides. Our innovative approach takes into account sophisticated algorithms and the underlying principles of search engines to propel you into the top positions of search results.

Guide Generation Process

The journey towards superior semantic optimization begins with creating a guide in yourtext.guru. We scrutinize the SERPs for the indicated query, then crawl a selection of pages to analyze web content, not to store it, but to perform statistical analyses. This, coupled with our distinctive algorithm, allows us to discern crucial terms related to your query, relying not only on frequency but also on contextual relevance and differential corpus.

The Two Pillars of Our Algorithm

For the more curious among you, our method is based on two fundamental principles. First, we develop context vectors, calculated with meticulous accuracy. Next, we use a differential corpus to distinguish the relative importance of a term on your page compared to its general prevalence on the web. This means that if a word appears frequently in the highest-ranking pages but is rare across the web, it is deemed of crucial importance for your query.

Guides Developed to Lead You to SEO Success

By leveraging these statistics and valuable data, yourtext.guru is able to craft rich and insightful SEO guides. These not only direct you toward better SEO but guide you through the competitive landscape of the SERPs, ensuring every step of your SEO strategy is not only informed but also optimized for success in search engines.

Questions and Answers

What are the SOSEO and DSEO scores in yourtext.guru?

The SOSEO score is an indicator of the overall optimization level of the text and ranges from 0 to 300. A score exceeding 100 indicates a very high level of optimization, deserving a check to ensure it is not exaggerated compared to the competition. DSEO, on the other hand, highlights the potential danger or risk related to the optimization of individual terms, with a value ranging from 0 to 200, indicating whether the optimization for certain terms has been pushed too far.

What are the ideal SOSEO and DSEO scores to aim for effective optimization?

The optimal levels of optimization, and therefore the SOSEO and DSEO scores to achieve, largely depend on your competition in the SERPs. The goal is not to reach the maximum score, but to be strategically positioned in front of your competitors. It's essential to have a score slightly higher than your direct rivals, but not excessively higher to avoid over-optimization. At yourtext.guru, we provide recommendations based on an automatic analysis of the top 10 SERP to help you target these scores effectively.

How are the scores and optimization areas reflected on the curve in the analysis tool?

In the yourtext.guru analysis tool, a curve illustrates the level of optimization of each term. Four colored areas indicate different levels of optimization: for example, a word in the orange area is strongly optimized, while a word not present in the text appears in no area. The terms located furthest left on the curve are the most important for the query. The SOSEO and DSEO scores provide a "summary" of this curve, reflecting respectively the overall level of text optimization and the risk of over-optimization.

How to avoid over-optimization and under-optimization in my content?

An under-optimized text will often have many missing words and will present low optimization levels and DSEO. Conversely, an over-optimized text will include all words in large quantities, which can be counterproductive. For a typical query, quality SEO content will have high optimization levels on the first terms (sometimes reaching the green/orange or even red area) and lower for the following terms (blue or low green), with some words missing to avoid over-optimization.
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