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Every business is unique, and so are our plans. Find out which one is best suited to your specific needs to optimize your online presence and attract more customers.

Our subscriptions are monthly (with a discount if you pay annually), and are available based on your activity level and the number of collaborators using yourtext.guru.
  • βœ… guide generation
  • βœ… semantic optimization
  • βœ… SEO topical mesh
  • βœ… content generation
  • βœ… internal link suggestion
  • βœ… position tracking
  • βœ… teamwork (depending on subscription)
  • βœ… project mode
Plan Price Description Guides/Month AI Tokens/Month Members Guests Monitoring
Lite 107$ HT/month Ideal for Freelancers... 50 (250 tokens) 25,000 2 max 0 max 50 max
Lite Plus 140$ HT/month For Freelancers Who Want More... 100 (500 tokens) 50,000 2 max 0 max 100 max
Essential 247$ HT/month Your Team Needs This... 375 (1,875 tokens) 187,500 5 max 2 max 375 max
Enterprise 431$ HT/month Optimized for Business Success... 800 (4,000 tokens) 400,000 10 max 4 max 800 max
Agency 862$ HT/month Excellence for Agencies... 2,000 (10,000 tokens) 1,000,000 20 max 8 max 2000 max
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Optimize Your SEO with Our Token Packs πŸš€

SEO Made Simple with Our Token Packs!

Create guides, perform semantic analysis, and optimize your texts in a flash with our tokens!
For a low volume of text, the packs are ideal. For a significant volume, consider our subscriptions.
Token packs: your gateway to timely and efficient SEO.
  • βœ… guide generation
  • βœ… semantic optimization
  • βœ… topical mesh SEO
  • ❌ content generation
  • βœ… internal link suggestion
  • ❌ position tracking
  • ❌ team work
  • βœ… project mode
Pack Price Excl. Tax Price Excl. Tax per Guide Tokens (Guides)
PACK 100 75 $ 3.75 $ 100 (20 guides)
PACK 200 125 $ 3.20 $ 200 (40 guides)
PACK 500 280 $ 2.80 $ 500 (100 guides)
PACK 1000 496 $ 2.48 $ 1000 (200 guides)
PACK 2000 864 $ 2.16 $ 2000 (400 guides)
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The APIs

Simplify Your SEO with Our APIs!

Automate your SEO analyses thanks to our APIs. Generate as many guides as needed, while simply respecting the rate limits.
Note: Using the API requires technical development on your part.
  • βœ… guide generation
  • βœ… semantic optimization
  • βœ… topical mesh SEO
  • βœ… content generation (with an additional subscription for AI tokens)
  • ❌ internal link suggestion
  • ❌ position tracking
  • ❌ team work
  • ❌ project mode
Plan Price Excl. Tax/Month Parallel Guide Generations
API R1 432.00 $ 4
API R2 540.00 $ 6
API R3 895.00 $ 10
Try for free, we will convince you that it's worth the purchase!

Questions and Answers

What is the commitment period of a subscription?

The commitment is directly dependent on the period for which you pay. If you've paid for one month of subscription, the commitment is for 1 month. If you've paid for a year, it is for 1 year.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel it at any time from your customer area. The page that allowed you to subscribe also allows you to cancel it, up until the day before its automatic renewal. If needed, the support team is here to help!

What is the validity period of my tokens?

Tokens purchased in packs are valid for 1 year. Those distributed monthly as part of a subscription have a monthly lifespan. In case of subscription continuity, you keep 70% of the not yet used tokens (excluding AI tokens).

When I cancel my subscription, what do I keep?

You retain the ability to consult the guides already created for a period of about 50 days from their creation date. Everything else disappears: tokens and AI tokens linked to the subscription, monitoring, etc.

What are the payment methods?

We accept payments by credit card via our provider Stripe.
For annual subscriptions or token packs from 500 tokens, we also offer payment by bank transfer. For that, please contact support.

No subscription seems right for me. What should I do?

If you have a particular need, contact us on support, and we can study a tailor-made offer for you.
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