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What do we provide?

We help to find the right words for your articles

YourTextGuru is a service that provides Guides to help you write, compared to a query, with the avowed purpose of saving you time.

These Guides are generated using algorithms that work in two parts:

  • Imitation of the processing made by a search engine on the relevance of texts
  • Computer literate search: retrieval of texts related to the subject and determination of the most important key expressions.

Thanks to automation, we are pleased to offer affordable prices to all.

Writing texts for websites is a specific style exercise: the web is not a newspaper or a catalog, the screen is not paper.
To succeed in hanging a reader on a website, you have to write clearly, expertly and effectively. The clarity is essentially the skills of the editor who will bring it, for the rest, YourTextGuru is there.

Write as an expert, without spending too much time

A good text is first a text that answers the problematic of the reader (and also of the search engine). To do this, the lexical field contained in the text must be in line with everyone's expectations.
Traditionally, the best editors take time to understand this lexical field. Time is money, and to save time and money, YourTextGuru allows you to shorten this learning phase of the lexical field by providing you with the key vocabulary to write a text for a query Specific and revealing the compatibilities between the words of this text.

Some of our testers ensure that we have earned 25% more writing time with our tool!